One of the specialty mouldings that im电竞竞猜app下载 can manufacture wholesale is handrail for staircases. Both stock and custom railing profiles are available. We produce a wide variety of handrails, including several styles of 6010 & 6210 (also called traditional or colonial handrail). Whether your style is simple or ornate, Rex Lumber is your wholesale supplier for handrail mouldings.

Some of our standard handrail moulding profiles can be viewed in our online moulding catalog by selecting the Handrail category . If our stock profiles are not consistent with your needs we can match your profile with custom-made knives. We will match a sample, sketch, tracing, or CAD drawing to get just the right look for your project. Or start from scratch to make a truly custom profile.

Spiral and Curved Rails

Handrails we produce can be made from solid stock, finger joint stock and / or glue up stock.  Besides solid profiles we can also produce bending rail, including bending blocks, that can be steam bent to make curved and spiral rails.

At im电竞竞猜app下载, we understand stairways and have extensive experience working with professional stair builders. From standard box stairs to the world’s most elegant curved stairs, Rex Lumber is your best source for the finest materials and parts.

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Additional Railing Options

In addition to handrail, we can also run a variety of contemporary rail and exterior rail products for exterior stairs and decking.

Value-Added Services

  • We can sand and finish many of the handrails we produce.
  • Customer stock handrails can be brought in to sand and / or finish as well.
  • Special fittings and CNC rail fittings are available as custom order.
  • Most mouldings are available as fire retardant coated mouldings.

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